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Recent Jobs

Featured Developers

Shane Kilkelly
Edinburgh, Scotland 12
Functional Hacker
Evan Waters
Denver, CO 28
Full-Stack Engineer working on Rails and Node.js stacks and currently learning Elixir
Southern California 1
Experienced backend engineer versed in Elixir, Node.js
Tony Han
Shanghai 14
Use Ruby for work & Use Elixir in spare time
Adam Skołuda
Poland, Poznań 1
Ruby / Elixir Developer
Yurii Bodarev
Kiev, Ukraine 12
Apprentice Elixir Developer with ~3 month of commercial experience
Bartosz Markowski
Gdansk, Poland 29
Me |>PHP |> ROR |> Still.learning(:elixir)
Jose German Ramirez Cabrera
programming semi senior
Isaac Ben Hutta
Brooklyn, NY 16
Web Developer with 100% dedication to Elixir
Alex Antonov
Saint-Petersburg, Russia 12
Ruby, Elixir & JavaScript developer
Weverton do Couto Timoteo
Florianópolis, Brazil 7
Software Developer
tianmen China 15
familiar with erlang/otp
KL Calamay
Makati, Philippines 36
{ :rails => "5 Years" } |> Phoenix
Jeff Squires
Charleston, SC, USA 5
Ruby on Rails Engineer, Elixir Fan, Deep Java/C Background
Matthew Rose
Fort Collins, CO 16
Code Typer (10 years Ruby, just getting in to - and loving - Elixir)
Christian Melgarejo Bresanovich
Asunción, Paraguay 126
Developer |> .NET |> Implementing.Elixir(Ecto.DateTime.utc(:usec))
india 1
Elixir enthusiast who wants to start new career
Ilya Tkachuk
functional backend development
Cesar Gutierrez Tineo
Lima, Peru 4
Alex Kira
San Francisco 46
Full stack Elixir developer
Gordon B. Isnor
Halifax, NS 16
Ruby, Rails, Ember, React, Elixir, Phoenix
Pavel Ro
Russian Federation 25
Ruby on Rails Engineer, Elixir Ethusiasts( still learning)
Constantin Rack
Hagen, Germany 60
Elixir developer and trainer
Jason Deutsch
Florida (but looking to relocate) 8
Disciplined learner, junior developer eager to work with Elixir.
Rafal Golarz
Poland 11
battle-proven full-stack web developer experienced in e-gaming (casino) projects
Russia, Ulyanovsk 1
A good person and engineer
Nick S
brooklyn, ny 6
Rails Developer w/ 5+ years exp
Alex Garibay
Kansas City, KS 6
Full-stack Elixir/React enthusiast.
Tomahawk Mutunhire
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 4
Phoenix and Big Data Engineer
Nicholas G
Passionate Web Developer
Hassan Zaki
A passionate learner who appreciates a well-written human readable code.
Will Penington
Melbourne, Australia 10
Developer excited by Elixir!
Guilherme Carlos
Campinas, Brazil 12
Ruby on Rails developer and Elixir apprentice
Mak Krnic
Zagreb, Croatia 3
Full stack developer available for remote work
Tony Han
Shanghai 3
Use Ruby for work & Use Elixir in spare time
Cesar Gutierrez Tineo
Lima, Peru 2
Stanislav Chereshkevich
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Ruby on Rails fullstack developer with 3+ years experience
Kevin Sullivan
San Diego, CA 1
Junior Ruby developer studying functional programming (Elixir & Elm)
Pune, India 26
Ruby |> Elixir, Available Remotely from Pune
Chris Lyman
California, United States 18
Professional Elixir Engineer
Brian Fink
Atlanta, GA 1
Corporate Recruiter @ RentPath
Philip Arndt
Christchurch, New Zealand 6
Experienced developer working with Elixir and Ruby
Marcin Królczak
Poland 22
Elixir enthusiast who wants to start new career
Clément Demily
Lille, France 8
Passionate developer
Jack Tomaszewski
Europe 2
Fullstack Web Developer with over 10 years of experience.
Jasmin Patel
India 3
Elixir and Phoenix developer
Bruno Louvem
Brazil 5
Elixir developer and solution architect
Gorav Bhootra
Chennai, India 18
Hands-on Solution Architect (RoR), upgrading to Elixir...
indonesia 14
ruby 5 years, now a elixir junior
Benedict Udeh
A creative thinker who likes to explore alternative solutions to problems and have an open mind about what will work best.
Sam Priddy
Columbus, OH 2
Elixir developer in Columbus, OH
Thiago Silva Marano
Source code redactor
Michael Sitchenko
New York, NY 3
Interested in Full Stack, Design and Machine Learning holistically
Eliel Gordon
San Francisco
Phoenix/Elixir & iOS Developer
Jovan Nisic
Belgrade, Serbia
Versatile software developer, ready to tackle new challenges.
Diogo Vinicius Kersting
Brazil 15
Linux Guru and Elixir/Phoenix enthusiast
Ventsislav Nikolov
Someone who is a developer for fun
Tallak tveide
Kristiansand, Norway 13
Adam Z
Columbus, OH 5
JavaScript, .Net, Learning Elixir and Ruby
Bryan Paxton
Memphis, TN 12
Code slinger
Paul McKibbin
London, England and Toronto, Ontario 3
Roving technologist and speaker.
Josh Crews
Nashville 5
Elixir Consultant in Nashville
madrd spain
Théophile Choutri
Paris, France 4
Backend developer interested in distributed systems, scalability and functional programming
Marc Busqué
Barcelona 3
Senior full stack software engineer
Alex Sasnouski
Belarus, Minsk 3
Ryan Hurst
Maciek Wcislik
Warsaw, Poland 32
Erlang/Elixir Developer
Ben Damman
Mountain View, CA 61
Former Apple Engineer seeking Elixir work
Andrew Walton
Cincinnati, OH 7
Passionate Elixir / Ember developer available for part-time contracting.
Gabriela Niazi
161 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8 UQ 30
veery good cleanner
Jacob Covington
San Francisco 1
Polyglot developer, full-stack programmer
Sean Omlor
Asheville, NC 13
Ruby and JavaScript developer learning Elixir, Haskell, Clojure
Muharem Hrnjadovic
Lucerne, Switzerland 10
Functional programming geek with 20+ years of software development experience
Basel Ajarmeh
Jordan 2
Functional Programming, Elm, Elixir, JavaScript, Reactjs, Redux
Albert Roman Castellano Moreno
Lima, Peru
I love Elixir
Wojciech Kaczmarek
Poland 11
Polyglot Hacker
Nicolas Oga
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fullstack Developer
Glory Lo
Vancouver, BC Canada 2
Fullstack developer working with C# / ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails and getting into Phoenix
Josh Bavari
Boulder, CO 12
I love learning and applying knowledge to add value to the world
Denis Peplin
Volgograd 3
Ruby on Rails developer looking for remote Elixir job
Robert L Cook
Logan, Utah 3
Elixir/Phoenix Project Manager and Web Developer
Norman Clarke
Buenos Aires, Argentina 14
Upstate New Yorker transplanted to Buenos Aires. Linguist turned developer.
Keith Salisbury
UK 12
Senior Developer
Lorenzo Sinisi
Berlin 3
Elixir/Ruby Software Developer
Iuri L. Machado
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 24
Franco Tiveron
Australia 23
Software Addict
Subhash Chandra
Ruby/Rails, Elixir/Phoenix Dev
Matt Freer
Birmingham, UK 4
Software Developer
Mikhail Pospelov
Russia 9
Fullstack Senior Developer
Wroclaw / Remote / Relocation to New Zeland
From Python and Go to Elixir and Haskell
Praveen Perera
Oakville, Ontario 18
Full stack Ruby/Rails Developer with Elixir/Phoenix Experience
Berlin, Germany 26
Experienced hammock operator, also coding fullstack web stuff.
Andrzej Skupień
Poland 17
Senior Python Developer
Vladimir Yartsev
Samara, Russia
Senior RoR and JS full-stack developer exploring Elixir world
Michael Williams
Vancouver, BC 1
Electron Plumber
Eric Dunaway
Denver, CO 1
CS Student
Russia Samara
web programmer
Denis Wolf
Israel, Haifa 4
Passionate Full Stack Developer
U.S. West Coast 1
Educated professional with a well-rounded knowledge on a plethora of technologies.
Christopher R. Miller
Pleasanton, CA (East SF Bay) 1
Jack-of-all-trades developer.
Juraj Hlista
London, UK 1
Functional programming - Erlang, Elixir, Elm
Manoj Samanta
Seattle, WA 1
Long time web developer, Ruby enthusiast, Elixir for a year
Alex Filatov
Ukraine/Kiev 6
Software Engineer for 15+ years
Jake Romer
New York, NY
Software Engineer
Farsheed Ashouri
Tehran 2
Elixir Expert
Steven Holdsworth
Belfast 12
<3 Elixir
Köln/Germany 5
Mathematician and coder loving functional programming
iOS Dev Starting with Elixir
Austin Lopez
Baltimore, MD/Santiago de Chile 3
Envisioning a world where institutions are transformed through concurrent principles that place people at the center of their worlds
JD Kaplan
Northern Illinois
Senior Software Engineer
Phillip Oldham
UK 14
Experienced Python Contractor, Elixir Enthusiast
Hayden Evans
Erlang & Elixir Recruiter
Sneha Somwanshi
Pune, India 10
Engineer. Worked with ThoughtWorks for 6.5 years. DevOpsing for past 3.5 years. open source contributor. Learning Elixir
Proudcloud Inc.
Manila, Philippines 9
A Ruby/Elixir development team from the beautiful Philippine islands.
Matthew Costabile
New York
Developer, Photographer, Learning, Cook, Traveler
Chiang Mai, Thailand 3
Elixir / Node.js
Ashlee Cloud
Head of Ops
Shanghai, China
Ruby/Rails, AWS, Javascript, Elixir
Nils Jonsson
Houston, TX 9
Software builder and musician
Jacob Covington
San Francisco 1
Polyglot developer, full-stack programmer
Iskandar Salim
Software Engineer
Maxime Lenne
Previously freelance, then co-founder of, I have acquired a solid experience in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, while continuing to perfect my technical skills (like Ruby on Rails, Node.js , Elixir, React, Angular ...).
Luke Taylor
Sydney, Australia 8
Full-stack Erlang/Elixer dev
Anatolii Kovalchuk
Thailand, Phuket 11
Experienced Ruby developer with strong desire moving to Elixir
Khaja Minhajuddin
Hyderabad, India 4
Passionate elixir developer looking for opportunities in Canada!
Ivan Turkovic
London, UK 10
Entrepreneur and Ruby & Javascript Consultant
Anastasiya Dyachenko
Moscow, Russia 2
Elixir developer, remote
Denver, CO 4
Aleksandr Glyzov
Russian Federation 19
I like to design, measure and improve
Rob Heckart
Maryland 5
A Polyglot software developer, hungry for knowledge!
David Mohl
Tokyo 2
David |> Job.HireRemote
Larry Lv
Beijing, China 10
Elixir/Ruby Engineer
Ray Hibbard
Erlang and Elixir Programmer with background in C, C++, Python and Unix
Samuel Tonini
Bern, Switzerland 5
Lisp, Elixir, Ruby & JavaScript programmer, hacker at the university of bern, open source contributor, dance teacher, rare soul & funk music digger.
Jacob Covington
San Francisco 3
Polyglot developer, full-stack programmer
Milan Burmaja
Belgrade, Serbia 18
15 years experience of development and system architecture using Elixir/Ruby/C#/JavaScript and much more
Thomas Nys
Ghent, Belgium 8
Ruby on Rails developer in the process of learning elixir
Ryan Erb
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 3
Creator of many things
Justin Trollip
Sometime entrepreneur, sometime ERP consultant, always curious
Kyle Behrens
Denver, CO 4
Software Engineer
Roman Parashchenko
Berlin, Germany 21
Head of Development and IT
Stuart Corbishley
Cape Town, South Africa
ruby/js/elixir dude, photographer, open source guy, music lover, mountain biker, thinker.
Muhammad Ali
Mombasa - Kenya
Elixir Phoenix developer and a functional programming enthusiasts
Ivan Santos
Costa Mesa 4
Made in Brazil, Ruby, APIs, Elixir and Devops
Mahesh Reddy
Ananthapur, INDIA 13
Elixir |>
3½ Full-stack Developer
Jim Tittsler
Tokyo 8
Reformed hardware designer with interests in embedded systems and open education
Yanina Khokhlova
Kyiv, Kiev
IT Recruiter
Arturs Krapans
Riga, Latvia
Experienced Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Elixir, Ruby, Node.JS, PHP, Databases, and Business Process Design. Strong information technology professional graduated from Riga Technical College.
Oregon, USA 7
Technology enthusiast
Tomaž Žlender
Ljubljana, Slovenia 11
PHP |> Ruby |> ClojureScript |> Elixir
Matt Miller
Botswana 7
solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short
Lucas Amorim
Vancouver, BC - Canada 18
Software Engineer - Ruby, Scala, Elixir
Scott Fairbairn
Atlanta, Georgia 23
Business-minded technologist with extensive track record developing scalable solutions
Josh Adams
Birmingham, AL 41
CTO of Isotope11, CTO of, voice+vim behind ElixirSips
Mike Andrianov
Minsk, Belarus 1
Elixir & Ruby developer
Alex Korolev
Russia, Lipetsk 5
RoR |> Elixir
Lars Wiegman
Amsterdam 4
Senior software developer
Igor K
Lausanne, Switzerland 2
Electrical Engineering student working as a Freelancer to finance my studies
Andrey Pavlov
Russia, Saint Petersburg 54
Full stack developer
Dan Bickford
Orlando Fl 2
dan = quality |> reliability |> passion |> elixir
Stefan Houtzager
Utrecht, Holland 1
Experienced developer, good eye for architecture
Toby Privett
London 13
London-based Ruby developer, porting to Eixir
Dennis Palmer
Dallas, TX 10
After a decade of .NET, I've fallen in love with Elixir!
Robert Bates
Atlanta, GA (metro area) 1
Texan living in Georgia. OMSCS student @ Georgia Tech. Backend dev, machine learning acolyte.
Amar Šahinović
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 7
Software engineer
Eric Hostalery
Pau, France 24
Young Enthusiast Elixir Dev
Krzysztof Wende
Kraków, Poland
Polyglot backend developer, Atom Elixir Autocompletion plugin creator
Sukhveer Sanghera
Toronto, Ontario 4
Full stack developer
Pascal Schmid
Augsburg, Germany 2
CS student - currently doing his master
Italy 1
Software Engineer (Ruby/Rails, Erlang, Elixir, ..more)
Austria 17
Elixir/Cordova Freak
Jeno Jakab
Ireland 6
Software engineer, experienced, telecom background, interested in software development in elixir
Josh Hogan
Atlanta, GA 9
C#/F#/Go, coming up to speed with Elixir!
Yitzhak Bar Geva
Israel 1
Passionate about Elixir/Phoenix
Rohan Jayasekera
Toronto, Canada 1
Learning Elixir
Geovane Fedrecheski
São Paulo 5
I'm curious about computers and I liked Erlang & Elixir since first contact.
Mashiyat Shah
Toronto, canada 6
Technology agnostic problem solver.
Miloš Marković
Belgrade, Serbia 13
Paulo Daniel Gonzalez
Chicago, IL 4
Programmer at Kase Consulting LLC. Enjoy solving problems with Ruby/Rails and now Elixir/Phoenix.
Felipe Borges Ferreira
Brazil 3
Me |> work_hard
Jean Parpaillon
Lead Erlang / Elixir developer
Danh Hoang
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 6
A man loves technologies, a man loves to create stuffs.
Eugene Pirogov
Kiev, Ukraine 4
Software engineer
Guillermo Velasquez
Dominican Republic
Seasoned software engineer starting out with Elixir
Hugo Vega
Gijón, Asturias, España
Motivated, Fast learner, junior developer to be.
Radhika Dharulkar
Cupertino, CA
Software Engineer | FP enthusiast | Recent Grad
Orion Engleton
Phoenix , AZ 3
Ruby |> Elixir
Kyle Behrens
Denver, CO 1
Software Engineer
Marko Tunjic
Cyril Wack
Paris 20
I'm a software botanist.
Ino Murko
I believe that determination and desire are one of the greatest assets we can posses.
Elixir Ethusiasts
Andrea Amantini
Berlin 27
Enthusiast Elixorian looking for mixable projects
Daniil Laptev
Russia 8
Ruby/Elixir back-end developer
Mahabub Islam Prio
Dhaka , Bangladesh 2
Self Learner , RUBY and Elixir Lover
Eric Kelly
Tucson, AZ
Excited about Elixir, Ember, and Elm
Rod Schmidt
Salt Lake City, UT, USA 5
Experienced and Passionate Software Developer
Ken Tan
Ruby guy moving to Elixir
Rodrigo Nonose
Brazil 6
Fullstack Developer
Alexandr Korsak
Minsk, Belarus 11
Family, Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript, Sport
Thomas Schmidleithner
Austria 4
Fullstack Software Engineer
Giorgenes Gelatti
the world 9
C/C++ -> Ruby -> Erlang/Elixir
David Becerra
Glendale, CA 4
I turn coffee into code
Elixir / Erlang enthusiast
Juan Maria Martinez Arce
San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina
Senior Ruby/Elixir Engineer. Photographer and mountaineer when family let me.
Gustavo Saiani
Rio de Janeiro 12
Developer and UI Designer
Saint Petersburg 17
Highload-in-production generalist, Erlang/Elixir adept, fullstack/devops-curious
Software Engineer in San Francisco
Tiago Davi
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil 20
When you love what you do, you do with quality
Brandon Dennis
Charlotte, NC 20
Ruby/Rails/DevOps developer falling in love with Elixir
Debora Martins
Brazil 4
Ruby on Rails/Android/Elixir
Keyvan Fatehi
Southern California 6
From Rails to Node.js to Elixir! Back in college for now.
Hoang Xuan Nam
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam 1
Elixir developer
Riza Fahmi
Jakarta, Indonesia 24
Mad Computer Scientist and Technopreneur. My specialty is trying crazy ideas and getting them to work.
Rich Morin
San Bruno, CA, USA 14
I do software system design, development, and documentation.
Nikhil More
Enthusiastic learner, Elixir fanatic
Eddy Shure
Germany 28
Young Elixir/Ruby developer
Vincent Franco
Sacramento, California 8
%{ rubyist: "9 Years" } |> now_onto_elixir
Aaron Tinio
Philippines 6
Software Developer
Vlatko RIstovski
Veles, Macedonia 3
Ruby developer starting to learn Elixir
Kamil Lelonek
Wrocław, Poland 20
Full-stack developer, polyglot programmer.
Ozgur Firat Cinar
Izmir / Turkey
Erlang/Elixir/Phoenix Enthusiast
Kamil Pluta
London, UK 15
Experienced ruby developer who is falling in love with Elixir
David Whitlock
Chiang Mai, Thailand 18
Elixir, Python (among others) developer
Dave Lage
Northeast US 11
Full Product Developer formerly at Virb
Franco Tiveron
Australia 5
Software Addict
'Ley Missailidis
Vancouver Canada 19
Yao Adzaku
Software engineer specializing in Developer Tools, Web Application backends and Distributed Systems.
Adam Rutkowski
Warsaw, Poland 33
Experienced Erlang/OTP developer exploring the world of Elixir
Michael Silvestre
Brussels 8
I'm full stack software engineer.
Sylvain Benner
Polyglot programmer with 2 years of experience using Erlang
Elmano Neto
Brazil 11
Full Stack Software Developer - Learning Elixir and Phoenix
Adam DeLong
Grand Rapids, MI (ET UTC -5/-4)
5+ years as a professional Ruby on Rails Engineer, now also developing in Elixir, available for freelance work and mentoring
Edward J. Stembler
Tampa, Florida 10
Excited about writing more Elixir in 2016!
Daniel Gaytan
Colima, México 8
Rails dev (6 years) -> elixir
Ukeoma Chukundah
Elixir, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, Android
Eric Sidibe
Frankfurt / Germany 4
I don't build software, i build solutions. / Elixir / Phoenix / Ruby / Rails
Ali T
North Carolina, USA 10
Full stack developer recently converted to Elixir (C# |> Node |> Elixir)
Cristofor Nogueira
Barcelona, Spain 19
Elixir enthusiast
Sebastian Kosch
Toronto, Canada 4
loves himself a solid, hipster FP language and meticulous product design
Evgeniy Troynov
Chelyabinsk 3
Full Stack Elixir Developer
Daniel Perez
Software engineer interested in programming languages and functional programming
Sam Lindstrom
Denver, CO 22
Aspiring Elixir Developer. Perpetual Student. Advocate for Developer Health and Wellness.
Jean Lucas Lima
South America 5
Brazilian full stack developer
Duilio Ruggiero
Elixir enthusiast
Chris Blackburn
Kansas City Area 8
10 years of Ruby, but now obsessed with Elixir and Phoenix
Chae O'Keefe
Atlanta, GA 46
Elixir / Phoenix enthusiast
Bob Smith
Houston, TX 6
Passionate programmer always looking to learn something
Mike Desjardins
Portland, ME, USA 9
Polyglot senior developer, Elixir + Phoenix fanatic
Yevhenii Kurtov
Kiev 7
Hey, we're here for a quality, right?
Vanja Radovanovic
Pula, Croatia, Europe 6
Worked in a variety of businesses. Most interested in projects that combine a multitude of technologies with software development best practices. Fast learner. Dream of bringing Aikido to my work environment.
Pratik Khadloya
Mountain View, CA 35
Looking for Elixir developers
Kosmas Chatzimichalis
Cambridge 16
Senior Software Engineer
Manu S Ajith
Tallin, Estonia 60
Tech Entrepreneur, dating Elixir, in long term ❤️ w/ Ruby, had multiple one night stands w/ Go has a crush on Rust & Clojure. Exploring functional paradigms.
Brian Underwood
stockholm, sweden 3
Software Engineer and Data Engineer
Ross Kaffenberger
New York, NY 5
Polyglot web developer and tech lead
Khushkaran Singh Bajwa
Derby, UK 14
Developer - Elixir, Ruby & React
Syed Murtza
Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Elm, React, Ember, APIs - 17 years of Experience - $25/hr